1775 Tax Lists, Perquimans County, North Carolina

Scanned from original copies of the archival documents by Harold Colson in August 2001.

Source: North Carolina State Archives, Perquimans County, Tax Records, Taxables, 1773-1776

These are separate lists from district constables; complete county coverage may be lacking. Some lists name apprentices, boarders, and relatives present in household. Many slaves are named, too.

Perquimans County / A List of Taxables in the districts of John Stafford & Andrew Collins Constables given in to Andrew Knox for the year 1775 Returnable to October Inferior Court in said year
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A True List of all the Taxables in the the Destrict of John Powell Cons. Taken for the year 1775 by me Jesse Eason
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[?] A List taken for the upper inhabitence of the Destreck of Jacob Riddick Constable [?] by Desine of the people in Lue of Seth Sumnear taken by me John Hollowell [?] the year 1775
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[?] A list [...?...] year 1775
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